Sinful Colors- Sheer Shimmer Collection Swatches

Hey guys I have swatched the Sinful Colors Sheer Shimmer collection! The only new one I didn't get was Flutter. So lets get to the awesome swatches!

Firefly is a sunny yellow with silver shimmer. I have to say this is my favorite yellow ever. It is just so shimmery gorgeous! 3 Coats

Luminary is a warm peach fuzz with silver micro shimmer. I love this one too the shimmer is even show more on this one.
2 Coats

Sweet Dreams is a Teal/ Turqouise with silver micro shimmer. This my favorite in the collection I love this shade so much! It also isn't this bright IRL. This 2 Coats

 Morning Star is a cornflower blue with silver micro shimmer. I love this one too! 2 Coats

I really love these! They all applied well. Firefly was the only one that really need three coats, which is Okay since it is yellow. I now I feel bad for leaving out Flutter and must get it soon. These are really great for spring/summer and are inexpensive so anyone can pretty much afford them. Hopefully you all will find these and like them as much as I do!

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  1. *_* Awesome swatches! I want every single one of them now!

  2. These are really beautiful colors! Sweet Dreams and Morning Star are my favorites!

  3. Not a big fan of yellows, but I'm LOVING Firefly. It looks great on you!

  4. oh WOW! i love these, so spring-y and fun! beautiful swatches. your skin color is GORGEOUS btw :)

  5. All of these look great on you! I really want the first 2.

  6. Firefly looks great on you! I've been looking for a yellow that would work for me. I think this one might.

  7. Luminary is sooo pretty! Looks awesome on you!

  8. Morning Star bears quite a resemblance to Essie Bikini So Teeny... It even has the micro shimmer that doesn't show up in the Essie polish!


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