Barielle New Shades Swatches!!

I have four new Barielle shades to show you! I have never tried this brand, but I have been wanting to try some of them for the longest. Recently they launched 90 new shades! Wow! Let's begin!

First is Cosmic Kiss. It's a barbie pink creme. It is kinda jelly-ish when applying it. This is 2 coats

Eww bubbles! I don't think its the polish it probably was something I did. Only those two bubbled though.

I like this one, but it may look to familar haven't put my finger on it yet.

Next is Platinum Ring. It's is the BEST silver foil I own now. I mean this glides on smooth, and it almost was a one  coater!

I so wanna see how well it works with stamping!

Next is Starchild. It is a silver holographic hex glitters in clear base.
I put one coat over Platinum Ring.

I liked this one too. It was very dense so you can actually pick up the glitters and spread them easy.

and lastly is Sky's the Limit. This is a gorgeous virbrant, jewel, blue shimmer. I think it may also have some green to it.

This was 2 coats but 3 would of been completely opaque.

 I like this color a lot it reminds me of my birthstone.

I must say I am liked these. I so love the Platinum Ring. I didn't expect it to be so opaque and it dried like super fast! Sky's the Limit and Starchild was nice as well. If you love pinks then Cosmic Kiss is right for you.

This is just 4 out of 90! I so wanna try more. How are you guys feeling these new colors?
These are available now on Barielle's site.

 *Products sent for review.

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  1. Oooh these are lovely! I haven't tried this brand...hopefully I don't because I might end up buying more and more!

  2. I am surprised at StarChild - I did not expect it to be anything interesting or slightly special. And wow - that silver foil is amazing! I can see I am going to need to study the Barielle color chart and put an order in pretty soon.

  3. This is a lovely post, that pink colour is amazing! Gorgeous blog by the way xoxo


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