30 Day NBA Challenge! Day 5- Mavericks

These guys were last years NBA Champions! I'm talking about the Mavericks!

I wish the would've won at home to see all there pump and circumstance and hoorahs, but at least they made Bosh cry! Lol!

Poor little "Boshy Woshy" I laugh histerically at this!

Team color are Light & Navy Blue, Silver(once again I used gray instead), and White

Polishes used:
OPI- No Room for the Blues
Sally Hansen-White On and Black Out
Zoya- Dove

I really loved these! I love those random dots I did and the gradient most.
I may just do a full gradient like that soon!

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  1. So awesome! I love the gradient nail :D

  2. So cute! Girl, I'm cracking up at that pic of Bosh. He got so weak in the knees after that game. lol


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