30 Day NBA Challenge! Day 1- Lakers

Hey ladies I have been wanting to do a challenge series since. I saw this on Nails Beautiqued and I knew I had to try it! Exotic Lacquer started it since it was All-Star Weekend and I felt it was great being a polish and B-Ball lover.

Great thing is you don't have do nail art it could just be color inspired but I know I'm gonna do some nail to some of the teams I really like. Todays team is the Lakers.
Lets start this by saying... I HATE THE LAKERS!!!! I have no real reason on hating them but I never liked Kobe Bryant he just doesn't do it for me. I also hate the team because well We(the Celtics) are rivals. Simple as that.
But I did get inspired by their colors to come up with a cute mani.
The Lakers's main colors are Gold/Yellow and Purple.

Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors-Verbena
Nicole by OPI: Lets Get It Star-ted! and Yellow It's Me
China Glaze-Solar Power
Sally Hansen- Black Out


I love these. I have been wanting to try Let's Get It Star-ted and I love it. I added the numbers 24 for Kobe's number and I know everyone knows that! These did not last on my nails long though but I'm pretty sure you all know why now but if you don't remember I'll refresh you...I HATE THE LAKERS!!! (:
That's all for now can't wait to show what's in store for tomorrow.

Other bloggers who are doing the challenge are:
Exotic Lacquer
Nails Beautiqued

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  1. Girl you slammed dunked on this mani! Lol! Bam up all in Kobe's face. Lol! :D

  2. Wow this is soooo cute for it being for such a poopy team GOOOO CELTICS!!!

  3. Great mani! Funny how it started off with a team you hate lol


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