30 Day NBA Challenge! Day 9- Nuggets

Today's all about the Nuggets! I used to like them because I fell in love with Carmello Anthony.

But I'm not going to get into my love for him now got to wait until I do the Knicks!(;
Plus I also love this guy.

Chris "Birdman" Andersen
he's so badass to me, all the tattoos just makes me crazy!

There colors are Powder Blue, Gold, White, Navy

Polishes used: Orly-Glitz
OPI- No Room for the Blues
White Striper

These were so simple I like how the gold metallic looks against the creme. I wanted to do something different but I got so caught up in other things and just didn't have the time.): But I still like these a lot.

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  1. This mani is awesome. I'm loving the nail art.

  2. Simple, but stunning! I like the blue and gold together :)


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