OPI- Excuse Moi! & Storage Problems!

This was from last holiday's Muppets Collection. I kinda forgot I actually had it since I bought it so quickly around Christmas time. This was a freebie since I used my Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks. It is a pink based with glitter that is multi-colored. The tiny colorful glitters are much like the glitters you would see in DL- Happy B-Day or OPI- Rainbow Connection only thing they aren't big. This was 2 Coats.

 I really like this and I never thought I'd forget a polish I would own, but with my stash growing and growing I'm starting to lose track! Plus my drawers are getting hectic expecially the bottom draw! Maybe all show my storage, but I'm really gonna have to upgrade to a helmer or something like it  soon!

What is a good storage space for my growing stash? Please Let me know!

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