Haul-in It! (my new babies!)

This week I did a little shopping, got a little nail mail, and a surprise that I never expected! Let's check out what they are!
 First off I order Sinful Colors Cinderella off Copious.com when you sign up you get $5. Next I went to Walgreens to find the Sinful Colors Cast Away Collection, but their were none (except for Anthens). However I did find the other new collection Sheer Shimmer polishes. The only one I did not get was Flutter.
 (Luminary, Cinderella, Sweet Dream, Morning Star, Firefly)

Next I got the China Glaze from my awesome boyfriend, the Sally Hansen from Walgreens and the Jesse's Girl from Rite Aid.
 (Optical Illusion, Coral Reef, Confetti)

My sister bought me these before she left for deployment.
(Silvivor, SaGreena the teenage Witch,, The Wonder Yellows)

 and this morning this last one from Essie is Barefoot in Blue which I must've won from the Toms + Essie giveaway on facebook , which I still don't remember entering, but hey Wooh Hoo for me!
I am really excited about the Sinful Colors and the China Glaze the most! I can not wait to try them out!

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  1. great haul! i would love to see swatches of everything specially confetti i always see it when i go pick up polishes but i've never tried it

  2. Good job! I hope you got in on the Zoya GMA promo!! http://www.zoya.com/content/38/category/GMA.html Many of the deals are sold out, but I grabbed the Spring Breezes trio for $12. I'm sorry I didn't get the Remove for $5.

  3. Great haul! You should think about adding LcB Nail Lacquer to your collection, it'd much easier if it was on Walmart shelves!
    Vote here ---> http://www.getontheshelf.com/product/3749/LcB-Nail-Lacquer
    if you want to see it there

  4. OMG, I fell in love with the Confetti, is gorgeous!!


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