30 Day NBA Challenge! Day 3- Spurs

Hey ladies today's team is the Spurs! I felt so dumb because I didn't know where the world San Antonio was. But A little OPI polish figured it all out for me! XP

I don't much on the Spurs, but I always felt that Tim Duncan doesn't smile much. He seems depressed or scared to me lol!

Actually this the first time seeing him smile!
See Tim it isn't that hard to do! LMAO!

There colors are Black, White, and Silver, but since I thought it was Gray there's some gray too!

Polishes used:
OPI- Metallic 4 Life
Zoya- Dove
Pure Ice- Kiss Me Here
Stripers- Black, White

I thought these turned out awesome! I really liked how the zigzag lines that came out of the Spurs logo and I went with it! My Boyfriend even liked them, but I know he is waiting to see my Celtic's mani lol!

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  1. Yeah, Tim hardly ever smiles. Lol! Great mani :)

  2. These look awesome! LOL, you are so on point about Tim, I always ask my hubby why does he look so sad. That pic you posted with him smiling, is actually the first time that I seen a smile on him.

  3. Cool that it matches the logo! :D I think this might be my favorite so far :)

  4. The only think I know about basketball is the ball can in fact break your fingers, and they're scary as hell if they ever explode in you face. Even with my lack of knowledge I know I like this mani :P


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