30 Day NBA Challenge! Day 7- Grizzlies

Day 7 already!? Well today's team is the Memphis Grizzlies.
Didn't know much about them until last year when the were playing in the playoffs. They were playing their hearts out to beat the Spurs who were like the top team in the regular season! I didn't expect that to happen, but a lot of things went coo-coo last year but we will finish that later.

Their colors are Memphis Midnight Blue, Beale Street Blue, Smoke Blue, Grizzlies Gold, White
Love these crazy names I found for them. Ever heard of a "Memphis Midnight Blue"?

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen- White On
China Glaze- Electric Beat
Hard Candy-Splendid
Urban Outfitters- (mini no name navy)
Black and white stripers

It's kinda tribal like!
These were so thrown together I cannot even lie! I do kinda like them individually though.
What do you all think?!

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  1. Love the colors and this is such a fun challenge to see what you come p with!

  2. As I was scrolling through your pics I was thinking "ooh they look tribal" and then I read what you wrote! Awesome :D

  3. Love theses colors for tribal nails. I must do one :)

  4. Ooh yea! I like how it's tribal-like!


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