Tuesday, February 28, 2012

China Glaze: Capitol Colours- Fast Track

I have one of the new polishes from the China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection based on the Hunger Games movie. I know nothing really about the book or the movie, but I did see a trailer a few nights ago and I think I may just like it!  I only have two for now, but I am excited to get my hands on a few more!

Fast Track is a light beige/tan with yellow gold and green shimmer. The shimmer in it really reminds me of the shimmer in White Cap. The shimmer in it is so pretty. It is one of favorite neutral colors now!
3 Coats

I love this one and can not wait to wear Dress Me Up even though I know it is very close to one of my other polish I let you know what that is on a later date. So for now hope you like this one as much as I do.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sinful Colors- Nail Junkie and Pinky Glitter Layering and Stamping

Happy Monday ladies! I have been stressing with the Babes lately. For the past week I have been needing my "quality time" with him, so since I couldn't get it I have been on a polish my nails spree. I do my nails at one time and then later that night I 'm so pissed that I'd take it all of and paint again. Thankfully polishing is my ultimate stress reliever.

So these were like many others I have posted lately and a few more to come that have been a result of my boyfriend pissing me off! lol!

I wore layers of Nail Junkie and Nicole by OPI- Iceberg Lotus. The accent nails are China Glaze- 108 Degrees and Sinful Color- Pinkie Glitter. I wanted colors that were close to the glitters since they are sheer. I did a coat of the color then a coat of glitter and one  more coats of each in that order.

I actually love this pink and teal together. They are such a cute combo and the iridescent glitters are awesome. I stamped them with my RA plate -111 the scale design. 

I love these in the sun!

I fudged my middle finger a little. Overall I think these were great and I think I'm improving in my stamping! I would love to know more tips on how to line them up with your nail better and then I'd be completely satisfied. If anyone has tips please share!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gold and Black Nail Art!

Hey ladies. I did these recently and I loved them! I love how gold and black looks to gold and black looks together and have been wanting to do something with those colors and came up with these!
 Colors used are:
  • Milani- Gold
  • China Glaze- Blond Bombshell and GR8
  • Sally Hansen- Black Out
  • Art Deco Striper- Black

Here is what I did to each nail and colors on them.

Thumb: V Gap (Black Out, Blonde Bombshell, Gold)
Pointer: Border or Outline (striper-Black, Blonde Bombshell, Gold)
Middle: Bow (Black Out, GR8, Gold)
Ring: Scotch Tape V (striper-Black, Black Out, GR8, Gold)
Pinky: Stripes( Gr8, striper-Black)

I love these!!!! I wish I was good at tutorials, but I suck so if you liked these I hope you will try them or take one design and turn it into a full mani.

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