China Glaze: Electropop Lights Set- Swatches and Comparisons

Hey ladies I have half of  the Electropop Collection to show you!!!
I loved the light set way more than the brights, so I went ahead and got these.

Starting off with Dance Baby it is a bright, pastel, barbie pink. I love this color it super girly.
It is a little thick, but I think that makes it better. It is only 2 coats.

Here I compared it to Revlon- Pink Lingerie this is the only other light pink I had and they are not even close to being dupes. PL is a lot lighter.
 (Index and Ring-PL, Middle and Pinky-DB)

Next is Electric Beat. It is a light periwinkle blue. This was 2 coats.

Here it's compared to Secret Periwinkle. EB is much lighter, and has less purple tones to it.
 (Index and Ring-EB, Middle and Pinky-SP)

Next is Kinetic Candy. I really love this shade. Like I don't know whether to claim as a blue or green and is it a mint? I guess it would be a light mint blue/green. Also 2 coats

I compared it to China Glaze Bahamian Escape.Well,in the bottle they look a lot closer I thought, maybe I should've compared it to For Audrey. Oh Well...Next!
(Index and Ring-KC, Middle and Pinky-BE)

Here is Sweet Hook. A soft pastel lilac creme. This was 2 coats.

Here it is compared to Essie- Nice Is Nice. They are almost completely identical!
Only difference is NIN is more  jelly-like and took 3 coats to become opaque.
(Index and Ring-SH, Middle and Pinky-NIN)

Gothic Lolita aka the lone shimmer of this set. It is such a pretty color. I also love the name.
It is a violet purple with purple and blue shimmer.

Here it's compared to Revlon-Grape Icy. GI is brighter and have a more brush stroke-y shimmer. It also takes more coats to be opaque this was 3 coats and still isn't all the way opaque.
(Index and Ring-GI, Middle and Pinky-GL)

Last but not least is Fuschia Fanatic. It is a raspberry hot pink.
It is jelly which is awesome it is super shiny and even though it's slightly sheer in the first coat it is opaque it does builds up nicely in 3 coats .

I compared to Sinful Colors-Boom Boom and Revlon- Raspberry Rapture.
Neither are dupes. BB is too light and RR is more red than pink.
 (Index and Pinky-FF, Middle-BB, Ring-RR)

Overall I love these. They are all spring-worthy colors and if you nothing like these they are great additions to your collection. My faves are Gothic Lolita, Dance Baby, and Kinetic Candy. I still may try some of the brights too especially Aquadelic and Gaga for Green.

How do you guys like these? Let me know!

Thanks for reading



  1. Great swatches and thanks for the comparisons - they are extremely helpful! :D

  2. Great swatches! I like this set better than, the other one as well!

  3. I LOVE Gothic Lolita! I also loved the Revlon one but I had to give it away because the smell made me nauseated and gave me headaches. So happy that I can get this one in its place!

    1. I know what you mean I gave away my Not So Blueberry for the same reason! I can tolerate Grape Icy and raspberry Rapture

  4. I love this WHOLE collection! Your swatches are fabulous!

  5. Great comparisons, very useful, thanks for posting

  6. Great swatches!! Thanks for the comparison!

  7. Lovely swatches. I still need to pick up some of these.


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