Megan Miller- Roja Swatches and Comparisons

I am so excited to have this polish. Megan Miller is a brand I am becoming more familiar with.
One reason I love this brand as a whole is there bottles. The cap is a cork strew with a with a raffia bow around the neck going into a cute little round bottle.

Isn't this bottle just gorgeous!? I also love their logo of a peacock feather printed on the bottle and on the cap. They were inspired by how a peacock looks and have a motto: ‘Be Colorful’, look good, feel good and be at your best! I Love it!

Roja is described as a true red that burns with desire. It has a jelly finish so it applied very smooth . It took 3 coats.

I did notice this polish was very familiar to another polish I own so I compared them.

Roja vs. ChG- Poinsettia

Which is which? You wouldn't know right! Roja is on my index and ring finger and Poinsettia is on my middle and pinkie. They are very alike both have the smooth jelly texture. Megan Miller polishes cost is $12 on their site and depending on where you can find the ChG dupe it may range from $3-6.

I do love this polish even though I now have the color twice. I really want to try their other polishes now expecially Coral Bliss and Carribean.

You can buy their polishes and find more info from their site Megan Miller Collection.
 (Product sent for review)

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  1. This a gorgeous red!!! I love their bottles. I think I'll go with the cheaper alternative though ;0).

  2. I've never heard of that brand... but the bottle is super cute!

  3. The bottle is sooo lovely!!! :) And it's a gorgeous red :)

  4. The red is so pretty! I absolutely love the bottle!! So cute1

  5. thank you for this wonderful review!! =)


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