Gold and Black Nail Art!

Hey ladies. I did these recently and I loved them! I love how gold and black looks to gold and black looks together and have been wanting to do something with those colors and came up with these!
 Colors used are:
  • Milani- Gold
  • China Glaze- Blond Bombshell and GR8
  • Sally Hansen- Black Out
  • Art Deco Striper- Black

Here is what I did to each nail and colors on them.

Thumb: V Gap (Black Out, Blonde Bombshell, Gold)
Pointer: Border or Outline (striper-Black, Blonde Bombshell, Gold)
Middle: Bow (Black Out, GR8, Gold)
Ring: Scotch Tape V (striper-Black, Black Out, GR8, Gold)
Pinky: Stripes( Gr8, striper-Black)

I love these!!!! I wish I was good at tutorials, but I suck so if you liked these I hope you will try them or take one design and turn it into a full mani.

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