Milani-Gems over Zoya- Jolene

I attempted to try and create a version of Deborah Lippmann- Candy Shop or the Claire's dupe but I don't have a  jelly based pink. So Jolene was the closest pink I know that is sheer in its first few coats. I did a coat of pink and layered Gems on top. Then I did another layer of Jolene and one last coat of Gems.

First I actually bought Gems last year when they came out, and I always thought something was wrong with my bottle then when I bought my recent bottle I realized they were different.

I love Gems is made up of  multi-colored hex glitters that are a variety of sizes. Plus there are about a trillion dupes to it like DL- Happy Birthday, OPI- Rainbow Connection, and I almost bought the Nicole by OPI one but realized why would I pay almost 4 dollars more????
I think now looking at it the first bottle most of the pink and green glitters colors came off and made it look as if there was a lot of silver glitters. Also looks less compacted, even before I used it.

Here are pics!

I really love this mani. I still want to get the original polish, but I may just get the Claire's one since it's a lot cheaper!

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  1. This looks awesome! Now I want Milani gems even more!

  2. I think it looks like the real thing! Great job.

  3. Came to your blog from Zoya's page. Now following!

    I love this. Looks exactly like Candy Shop.. Yay for creativity!


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