OPI-Nick Minaj Swatches and Comparisons!

Hey ladies!!!! I finally get to show the Nicki Minaj Collection! I had been wanting these since they first popped onto the polish scene. Took more time than I wanted, but finally I have them! Well, I KNOW you have seen these a billion times, but a billion and one wont hurt! Lol!  So enjoy the pics!  Beware!!! There are a lot!

First up is Pink Friday. It's a light baby pink creme. It was decent to apply. This was 3 Coats.

I compared it to Dance Baby first, but I realized I should've compared it to Revlon Pink Lingerie which as you can see the are pretty close too close.

Next is Fly. I LOVE this one it is the perfect bright teal blue. This was 2 coats but a 3rd would make it completly opaque. It is slightly jelly-ish which I  also love!

I compared it to Milani- Fresh Teal. In real life FT looks greener. I don't know why it looks as if they are the same. Close but not dupes.

Up next is Did It On Em. That was my anthem all summer! I would sing it every time I heard it on the radio.
Any who! It's a yellow/ green creme. It was much like Pink Friday with how it applied. Also need 3 coats.

Compared it to Pure Ice- Wild Thing. DIOE has way more yellow than WT. So again no dupes.

Now on to those glitters!
Metallic 4 Life aka Moment 4 Life was another Nicki song I just loved! Plus I love this polish! It is a black jelly base with different size silver hex glitters in it. Took 3 coats. No comparison for this guy!

Next up is Save Me. I also LOVE this one! Silver glitter with holographic bar glitters in a clear base. This was 3 coats still a little sheer, but I'm pretty sure a coat of silver before will help that out.

Another that doesn't have a dupe!

Now on to the shatter.I swatched it over all of them except Save Me. IDK why!
Super Bass Shatter is a fuschia/purple shimmery shatter. It is gorgeous I wish I could find this color without it being a shatter.

Super Bass Shatter over Pink Friday.

Super Bass Shatter over Did It On Em.

 Super Bass Shatter over Fly.

Super Bass Shatter over Metallic 4 Life.

No surprise that I love this collection! All the fun of brights, and unique glitters really are fantastic. However! we all expected for this collection to go beyond this and I mean from a women who completely showed up at the Grammys in Catholic robe and that performance (creep me out!) she could have did some wild ish! but I can't change it! My faves were Fly, Save Me and, Super Bass Shatter. Pink Friday is the only dupable one I found which is a slight disappointment. If you haven't gotten these by now, I say you should definitely find the ones you want. All aren't really necessary to have unless you don't have anything like it or hoards everything you buy like me!

What is your fave of this collection or do you hate Nicki so much you would dare buy these? Lol
Let me know!

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  1. Great comparisons!

  2. Love the swatches and comparisons! I really want this collection! :D

  3. You did a really great job swatching these! I was really disappointed by this collection tho. For it to be nicki minaj I was genuinely hoping for something more original.


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