NYC- Park Ave w/ Flower Accent

Park Ave is a one of those ever so popular greige, taupe, purple tone cremes. There's many on the market, but I don't think you can beat $1.99 for it.
I love this polish I am a fan of these kinds of shades and think they suit anyone.
This was 3 coats.

I kind feel I have to apply this really careful and slow or there will be lots of bubbles (which there were! ugghh) so I added a 4th coat and drew a flower on the accent finger below.

I got the flower design idea from Tartofraises
My flower totally sucks I know Lol!

I loved this flower design and had to try it out she is awesone at nail art!

Thats all for now!
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  1. omg I absolutely love this color! I'm crazy for taupe-y, purple-y colors <3 I think your flower turned out great!


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