China Glaze: Capitol Colours- Fast Track

I have one of the new polishes from the China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection based on the Hunger Games movie. I know nothing really about the book or the movie, but I did see a trailer a few nights ago and I think I may just like it!  I only have two for now, but I am excited to get my hands on a few more!

Fast Track is a light beige/tan with yellow gold and green shimmer. The shimmer in it really reminds me of the shimmer in White Cap. The shimmer in it is so pretty. It is one of favorite neutral colors now!
3 Coats

I love this one and can not wait to wear Dress Me Up even though I know it is very close to one of my other polish I let you know what that is on a later date. So for now hope you like this one as much as I do.

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  1. This is a beautiful neutral/shimmer! I really like the way it looks!

  2. I agree that the shimmer in Fast Track is the same as White Cap. Do you think it's worth it to own both or keep White Cap to layer over a neutral?

    1. To me both are great I love Fast Track and White Cap. I don't think layering it over a nude will look exactly like Fast Track though. It is all up to how much you like them both really. I'm a hoarder so I keep most of everything! lol.

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