Zoya- Zara Swatches

Hey ladies! Do you ladies with large stashes find it hard to just pick one polish?
I swear it is not getting any easier! So I just finally decided that I wanted to try Zara.

Zara is a lavender purple with golden shimmer.
It was from the Flourish Collection in 2008 which was a winter collection.
If I didn't know that I really would've thought it was a spring polish, but that's me.
It was pretty sheer at first but it gets opaque in 3 Coats.

I love the gold shimmer in it. It makes this color so unique!
I really love this polish. It's like Zoya can do no wrong when it comes to their purples! I just can't understand it.
Well this is a must-have for anyone who loves purples, Zoya polishes, or is just a polish junkie like me!

What you guys think of Zara do you just love it or Nope next!

Thanks for reading



  1. This is gorgeous! Zara is sitting in my untrieds...need to wear it.

  2. OMG this is super gorgeous! I love the color and I love the shimmer...this might have to be a must-have...

  3. This was my first Zoya and is still my favorite polish from this brand so far. It's a definite stunner!


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