OPI- Warm and Fozzie

I finally have this polish! Thanks to Sheila of Pointless Cafe, who was awesome and nice enough to send me this and a few other polishes.  Warm and Fozzie is a true beauty. It was from the Muppets collection that was released in late 2011. It is a brown foil-like shimmer with gold/green duochrome. There are also these tiny flecks of shimmer that are green and pink. I just love this polish!

2 Coats

( I smudged my index finger ): )

I just realized why I love this so much. It has the same qualities of Pros and Bronze! Duhh! I love foil-y polishes that have those glass fleck particles it just so pretty, and this would have definitely been on my top 10 list if I would've had it in time. I just ...I 'm not goin to say it anymore. I'm done. OPI did a great job with this one.

Do you love this as much as I do? Let me know!


  1. This looks so great on you!! Gorgeous polish!

  2. Ahh! It looks incredible and super pretty!! =)

  3. This polish is beautiful! I really like it! :D

  4. That looks AMAZING on you! So glad it worked for you!


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