Zoya- Fleck Effects Swatches

Hey ladies!!! I have more to show you and these are the new Fleck Effects flakies! These are the new glitter topcoats from Zoya.

First up is Chloe over black.

 Chloe is a pink tinted jelly base with gold /green flakes.

Next is Maisie. LOL! Everytime I think of this polish I think of her....
I used to love this mouse when I was little!
Anywho back to the pics

Maisie is blue tinted jelly base with green/blue flakes.

Opal is a green tinted jelly base with green/ blue flakes. They turn pink/purple depending on light.
Opal and Maisie are very similar only difference is their bases.

Next, I chose 3 different colors to bring out the beauty in all three of these polishes.
Chloe + Chia Glaze- First Class Ticket.

I loved this combo!

Maisie + OPI- DS Magic

This was my favorite IRL. It looks way better than on this pic but it is still pretty.

Opal + China Glaze- Glittering Garland

Yet another awesome combo! I love how they turn blue at the edges just makes GG even more awesome.

I love all three even though Opal and Maisie definitely are pretty much identical. You don't really need both at all because of that.You could put these colors over pretty much anything. They also do tint lighter colors a bit depending on how many coats you use. I like these and there are many more combos I wanna try.

How are you guys loving all these flakies that are realesed as of lately?
Let me know!

Thanks for reading!!!


*Products were sent for review.


  1. All three are so pretty! I really like Maisie though. Oh flakies...can't get enough of them :)

  2. These are pretty, love the blue combo on the OPI one <3


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