Finger Paints Special Effects Review- Asylum and Twisted

I have been wanting these since I saw previews. I finally decided to get these two.
The collection is made up of a variety of colorful flakies in a clear-ish base.
  • Twisted: has a mix of of  gold, blue, purple, red, green,  and pink flakies depending on the light.
  • Asylum has only red, green, blue flakies. Sometimes a little purple shows too.

First up is Twisted . Both are 2 coats over Sally Hansen- Black Out
This one is my favorite!

Next is Asylum.

Asylum is very close to Twisted without some of the extra colorful flakies.

I swatched Twisted over 4 different colors.

I love how it looks over all of these. My favorites were Neeka and Verbena.
I love these flakies I really have to go back and get Motley though.

That's all for today! Which one of these flakies did you like best?

Thanks for reading!!!



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