OPI- Dulce De Leche

Hey all!!! Hope you all had great weekends! Today I like to show my favorite nude polish.

This is the best ever! Dulce De Leche is a nude pink creme. It is so perfect for when you just want to get away from the loud colors. It applied easy in 2 coats which was awesome!

Here's the photos:

Awww I just love this! My mom actually have a sweater slightly darker then this which is kinda cool! (She loves this too.) I think everyone should have this color, I am so glad I got it, because I usually don't go for polishes like these but this baby made me change my mine.

What's your favorite nude? Or do you even like nudes?
Let me Know?

Thanks for reading!!!



  1. I have this polish, too, and I love it. I always use this or Malaysian Mist when I want to do a nude or light color.

  2. Aww, I love how it looks on you!
    But I think it wouldn't suit my light toned skin... Well, I should give it a try, you made me love it !

  3. OMG I LOVE nudes! This color looks fabulous on you! One of my favorite nudes it Essie's Topless and Barefoot and Jazz. I may have to get this one though...looks beautiful!

  4. When I was looking for "my" perfect nude, so many people suggested this one so I finally got it and it totally gave me "lobster hands!" It looks FAB on you. (backup-worthy, even - hehehe)

  5. So classicly gorgeous! I picked this one up about a year ago and still haven't worn it - oops!


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