Zoya - True Collection Swatches and Comparisons

Hey I'm super excited to show this collection I have been dying to have since it was show to the world. The True Collection!!! It consist of 6 amazing colors:
  • Cho –  Vanilla shimmer metallic
  • Farah - Latte beige cream        
  • Bevin – Pale sage green cream        
  • Skylar – Silvered slate blue metallic     
  • Tru – Gilded purple orchid metallic       
  • Lotus –  Light lotus purple metallic

First up is Skylar. My favorite for many reasons. The desription is spot on with this one. It was very easy to apply.  The shimmer in it is super pretty. It looks as if theirs silver, blue, and pinks flecks of shimmer in it. I also love this polish for it's name. It is part of my middle name! Which is why my GFC name is Niesha(skyla91)! Now only if there was a Niesha! Oh well!  On to the pics.

2 Coats.

Next I compared it to Essie- Coat Azure.
This was way off. Coat Azure is less dusty and brighter. The shimmers are also way different.

Next is Bevin. It is also very spot on. I love this polish too! I love greens and this one is no exception. I love how dusty and smooth this looks. Quick question though who knows anyone name Bevin???? Anyone...No One... Okay. Anywho, I love this!

2 Coats.

Compared to Sinful Colors- Open Seas
These are similar, but Bevin is slightly darker with more grey tones.

Next I have Cho. I like this one. Not love, but like. It is warm and has this subtle shimmer in it to make it so sweet. I actually think of milkshakes when lookin at it!

3 Coats

Compared to Sally Hansen Sheer Vanilla
Also way off. Cho is way more opaque and has more yellow tones.

Next is Farah. It is very cool toned. I also kinda love this one too.

2 Coats

Compared to Essie- Sand Tropez
These are also similar. Sand Tropez has some pink-ness in it.
I like Farah more because it is way easier to apply.

Next is Tru. This one is really pretty. It has gold and red shimmer swimming through. Gorgeous!

2 Coats

I didn't have anything to compare with this one.
On to the next one!

Lastly is Lotus. This is like Tru, but with way more grey tones and it has pink shimmer.
2 Coats

Compared to Zoya Neeka
Neeka is much darker than Lotus and has way more shimmer.

Overall I have to say this was an awesome collection! There were many stand out shades for me. Tru, Skylar, Bevin, and Lotus are awesome, and even Farrah and Cho are great. There could have been one less neutral color, and added like a mediun pink with blue shimmer or something, but I can wait til they make my dream color. Lol!

What were your favorites of the collection? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!!!


*Products were sent for review.


  1. Gorgeous! I need them all! I'm glad to have finally seen the nude shades on brown fingers since they aren't exactly nudes on us. I was expecting Cho to look kind of funky, but it looks beautiful on you!

  2. Thanks for swatching the possible dupes. Those colors are all really pretty!

  3. All the colors are lovely! Great swatches!


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