Zoya Caitlyn + Layering and Shatter!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to get my new Zoya and I totally neglected my Zoyas that I just received. I got my Zoya Intimate Collection a few days ago and I was in love with Caitlyn, so I chose to wear it first.
Its a grey toned, violet/purple cream.

This was two coats.
Caitlyn is so classy and pretty and it was so easy to apply and dried very quickly . I'm used to neon, bright,over the top colors so its nice to change it up every now and again.

After wearing Caitlyn for a day and looking at all my goods that got I got in the mall, I decide to do some experiments with layering.
One of the colors I pick up was Love and Beauty Pink and it was so pretty and I knew it was a perfect layering polish.

The pink shimmer made this even more pretty but I couldn't leave them alone. I had to try out the my new shatter.
I kinda fudged up my index finger by over applying it that's why it looked smudged off. I had fun playing with the shatter I was up all night putting it on any nails I could find. It was so fun. I have a lot of ideas with the shatter and I still want some of the China Glaze crackles.

Have anyone else tried any shatters or crackles?
Whats better OPI Shatter or China Glaze Crackles or are they the same?
Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!


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