Color Club Fashion Addict + French

When I first look at this I hated it. It was not holo-y enough it was purple enough it just was not enough. But I step out side and its gorgeous subtle holoness started sparkling I was so giddy like a little girl eating candy and ice cream.(I actually was eating it while looking at my nails.) LOL Anywho! I now like this and I think is so pretty.

After that I thought I'd do a french mani and came up with this...
My pictures I took outside would'nt come out right so I didn't show them but trust me this color is so pretty once the sun hits it.
After wearing this it makes me want to wear my other Color Club holos.
Expecially Wild At Heart. Well thats all for now. Have a great polish filled day!!


  1. Lovely! Perfect lines on the French...wish I could do that. Have you checked out the Tronica collection yet? This looks a lot like Gamer Glam.

  2. Oh wow this great, I will have to take another look at this one next time I'm in Bed Bath & Beyond :)

  3. omg that color is so pretty, your blog is so pretty, and your banner is so pretty. Did you make it yourself or get it from a website? I love it<3

  4. Thanks for the comments and yes I made it myself
    Im glad you like I thought no one was gonna like it but it looks like I was wrong. LOL

  5. whoa very pretty,nails,colour&design,love it all

    I like ur blog,Im now following u!!


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