This week end was awesome. I did a lot of shopping and I LOVE going to the mall. I'm 19 so being at the mall is like a big arcade to me. I bought a lot of polishes and I don't feel bad at all. I also bought some stuff from Walgreens. I thought I would find the new Revlon polish but I didn't. BUMMER);Anyway here's my goodies.

Here's everything seperate
OPI:Black Shatter (YAY!!), DS Magic, OPI Ink
Love & Beauty:Bubblegum, Lavender, Pink, Coral
Claire's:Venomous x2, Evil Queen
Sinful Colors:Show Me The Way, Wet n Wild:Gray's Anatomy, Blue Moon
I took a picture of Grays Anatomy beside OPI Not Like The Movies and realized they were similar. Only difference is GA did'nt have the silver shimmer in it.

I also bought Zoya Julieanne I don't know why I left it out. Plus you may notice that there are two claires venomous. I really don't need two so someone may end up with it! That means there will be a giveaway soon. I'm so excited! I will let you all know when its all ready.


  1. I love that you admit that 19-year-olds and the mall go together like tea and honey!

    Great haul...I'd be excited, too!

  2. You bought some great colors!!! I really need to get to Claire's lol those polishes look awesome!


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