Love & Beauty Coral + OPI Black Shatter= Pure Sexiness!

Good Monday everybody! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend ( I sure didn't) but that's another story. I decide to show off more OPI shatter because I just love it. My base color is Love and Beauty Coral.
I found this color in a bin at Forever 21. It was hiding under these ugly colors and I almost didn't notice it. Majority of the time, I hate reds, but I see myself liking them lately. This is one of the prettiest, sexiest reds I've seen thus far.I put OPI Black Shatter over it and it just made me even more happy.

I loved these so much but I have to say the wear on these were horribe I only went 1 day without chipping my nails. I don't know if all Love & Beauty chip this bad but this one did for me. I did them Sunday and they chipped on Monday. It was crazy. Maybe I should consider a new base coat or top coat. Either way I love this combo and definately would wear them again.

Also I'm feeling like its almost time for my first giveaway. I'm super ready and maybe if I get to fifty followers soon I'll start it. Well thats it for now. Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the comment! I am following your blog now =]

    I LOVEEEEE love&beauty coral! I have it too but the bottle is different.

    I am looking forward to reading through your posts =]

  2. Thanks for the comment and for following!!


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