Color Club Starry Temptress Collection Swatches

This is one of the new collections from Color Club. Lately they've come out with two other collections: Alter Ego & Wicked Sweet but I naturally wanted these more. Why would want these over those? Well my answer would have to be I FREAKIN LOVE NEONS! The more brighter and eye searing the better. PLUS! They're packed full of holographic glitter. I didn't get Starry Temptress top coat because I figure its the same as my Pure Ice Dont You Wish a regular holographic glitter top coat which I dont need. Sooo.. with that said lets get started!

Ultra- Astral. Hot Pink Neon with Holo glitter.Two Coats

Glitter Envy. Lime green Neon with holo glitter. Three Coats

You Got Soul-Ar Bright Neon orange with holo glitter.Much more orange-y in real life.Three Coats

Otherwordly. Its a medium neon blue with holo glitter. Two Coats

Space Case. Barbie, bubble gum Pink with holo glitter and an iridescent light blue-ish flash. very pretty. Three Coats

You can't really tell it on the nail but here's a view in the bottle.

and lastly my Fav of the collection!
Wink, Wink, Twinkle. An electric Purple with holo glitter. The base is similar to Sinful Colors Dream On. Two coats

This collect has great colors. I only wished the holo glitter would have been more noticeable. They do dry matte, and are very bumpy from the glitter so a top coat is extremely needed. Overall, I would say this is a great collection.

*UPDATE* If you want this or other Color Club Collections check,, or All are awesome sites


  1. Where do you purchase your Color Club polishes from? They look great!

  2. holy crap these are awesome!
    i just saw your post from someone elses blogroll and had to let you know.

    ive never seen these before!
    i hope i can find these someday

  3. Oh, I LOVE these! Why, oh why, do I not see Color Club around anywhere?

  4. Glitter Envy, Space Case and You Got Soul-Ar are my favorites. They're super pretty!

  5. Thanks everyone I updated this to let you know where you can find them.

  6. Oh, they all look awesome!! I want them! :)

  7. This is the first time I've seen these! Neon holos?! *drooool*

  8. Amazing! I hope my Ross has them in. They all look beautiful on you, but Ultra-Astral is my favorite!

  9. I love them all! Wink, Wink, Twinkle , Glitter Envy , Otherworldly, You Got Soul-Ar and the Starry Temptress Topcoat are on my way now. :-) I might be ordering the pink ones too.


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