Cheetah Print and Tiger Stripes Over OPI Teenage Dream and Short Story

I have been avoiding wearing OPI Short Story and Teenage Dream for the longest! I really don't know why, but I decided to combined the two.
First I started with Short Story which is a super, bright, fun, hot pink.
I love pink and I wanted this so bad before I got it. Then my sis bought it as a graduation present for me last year. I was so thrilled!

This 2-3 coats of Short Story.

In Sunlight

Then I did some cheetah and tiger stripes designs on my nails and used teenage dream.
Here's how it turned out.

Out of all the nail art designs I have done, I love these the best.
I'm so girly, and I love pink, Animal Prints, and glitter, so putting them all together just makes them even more awesome.
These are so pretty I may just wear them all week. It's so hard to keep one mani for at least 2 days but I'm gonna try.

What's your best nail designs?
*Also if Anyone owns Short Story and/or Orly's Fancy Fuschia please tell me how they compare.

Thanks for reading!(:


  1. turned out great, i love this pink too! i haven't worn it in a while though so maybe i'll use it soon.

  2. Black and pink and glitter plus animal prints!?!? Too much awesome in one mani. ^_^

  3. Thanks for all the comments!!

  4. That looks so cool! Love your blog! I'm gonna follow you, I hope you will too :) Ciao from Italy!

  5. this is soo pretty! you did a wonderful job!<3

  6. holy wow i love this! great swatch!!

  7. This is really really cute. I keep looking at Shorts Story but it looks so much like Zoya Jolene in pictures I've been holding off on buying it.


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