Zoya- Robyn and Spoiled- Trust Fund Baby

Hey all I have been so sad about my camera and trying to figure were to get another one from. So I started thinking and I thought "STUPID! you have another camera!" It isn't the best, but for now it has to do the job.
So I want to show this combo that I love so much!

Robyn is a bright blue creme. I used 2 coats on my ring and pinky, but it there was still streaks, so I would say 3 coats is best. This is one of my favorite blues ever!

I thought Robyn would make a great combo with Trust Fund Baby.
It blue, gold, pink, and black glitters in a clear base.
I loved this combo, so much I actually have worn it twice.

I really love this combo! I also like that the pink glitters in TFB are squares instead of just hex glitters.
What do you all think of this combo?

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  1. That blue is awesome! I love Zoya anyways. Pretty Combo!

  2. I love this Combo! Fabulous Mani!

  3. Yay! Glad you have another camera lol. This blue is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful blue! Love the glitter combo!


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