Sation Miss Pro California Gleamin Collection Swatches!

Hi guys!!! I have some swatches to show of this awesome brand. Everyone who love polish knows of Sation. If you go into a salon you have to have seen them. They have a new look, and this is their summer California Gleamin Collection. There are 24 shades and I have 6 of them to show you all!

First is Love at First Lavender. it is a bright lavender purple creme. This is my favorite! I have been looking for this exact purple forever! I had a striper this color and needed a color just like. Now I have it! It is very smooth and only needs 2 Coats.

Next is Oh My Oceania. It is a Turquoise with a flash of blue shimmer. I love this one too! It does dry matte so a top coat is needed. This 2 Coats.

Periwinkle Princess is a mix glitter with purple, blue and scattered holographic silver bar glitter. This is an awesome glitter, and I love the bar glitters in it to set it apart from similar glitters.
I used 2 coats over Oh My Oceania and Love at First Lavender.

Pink Parfait is a neon Pink creme. It is really pretty and is slightly coral-ish. This 3 coats.

Seriously Slate is a black shimmer. I think it's really cool. I don't own to0 many blacks with shimmer. It isn't pitch black, but more like a super dark grey.
This 3 coat.

Sunet Set Silk is a golden orange shimmer. I wasn't feeling this color at first it still growing on me, but my mother loves it. Soon I pulled it out the box she was all over it. This was 3 coats.

I really like these shades. This is a limited collection so if their was one color to get Oh My Oceania is a must-have! All the shades are very trendy, and there is a color for everyone. As for application the formulas are great, and the brush is awesome! It has a wide brush, which makes for easy application. I love the new look of the bottles, plus they are super affordable at $5 on  Sation website. I am loving this brand now, and I'm excited to see future collections.

(Products were sent for review)

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  1. These all look awesome you. My favorites are Oh My Oceania and Love at First Lavender. Gorgeous!!

  2. OK loving these and I do own all the colors except the glitter(me not like glitter at all). Seriously Slate is on my wish list. Hae you peeped the Class of 2012 collection? nailsuppliesus/TD has them. Nice post and mani

    1. O My Oceania~~dead on dupe of RBL Water lily, just a $17.00 difference

  3. omg these look so amazing! The colors are so vibrant! I really like Love At First Lavender and Pink Pafait


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