Brush Strokes Mani

This is such a cool mani I did. I have been experimenting on how it would look and really like it.
All you do is take a few colors and swipe them like brush strokes. The brush can't be super wet or it will just blob, so wipe it as dry with just a little polish on it.The colors I used were Bevin, Kelly, Perrie, and Megan.

I love this! I love how the colors meshed all together! I tried so many different color combos and I will most like show you guys another that I'll do. Hope you guys love these like I do!

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  1. Ha Ha! We must think alike because I did this same exact mani I'm calling mine dry brush method. I haven't posted mine yet and will do for my upcoming Blue Monday edition. Yours look better :D

  2. This technique is cool! I like the colors you chose!

  3. that is cool! the color combo is perfect

  4. Wow, I never thought of doing this! I'll have to try it with some colors I like together, especially if I have an outfit to match (yes, I'm that OCD that I like my nail polish to match my clothes or at least not clash). :)

  5. What a great mani! I love the colors of this mani! It looks so soft and feather-like!


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