China Glaze- Lemon Fizz and Crushed Candy

Hey all! I originally posted this Friday, but deleted with all the crazy Malware craziness! 
I was so freaked out and didn't know what to do! So I was deleting everything that I could think of. Thank god I deleted the blog roll before I started deleting all my post! LOL!

Lemon Fizz is a buttery yellow creme. This is 3 Coats.
This really bubbled horribly but surprising the top coat I used ate the bubbles!

 This such a pretty yellow!

 I had wanted to top it Crushed Candy for a long time I finally got a chance to doit.
I got the color combo from Acetone and Old Lacquer. 
Crushed candy is a Tiffany blue crackle. I had been trying to get it to crackle properly since I bought it, and finally realized that I need to used a thicker coat and it is perfect.

I really love the combo and the polishes! Do any you still pull out your crackles or is it just me?! I still love mine and I doubt it will ever change. (:

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  1. Yellow looks really pretty on you! I'm glad the bubbles went away with the top coat, because it really suits you.

    I had to delete my blog roll too, boo!! I hope the problem is resolved quickly.

  2. I love these two together! I also love the fact that this is a soft yellow.

  3. Love this yellow on you! It's definitely one of my favorite yellows.

  4. This combo looks great on you. I pull out my crackles every now and then to switch things up ;)

  5. These two look great together! I like to pull out the crackles once in a while :D hehe

  6. These two look really pretty together!

  7. This is just too cute! I use my crackles every so often to refresh a mani when I'm feeling lazy.

  8. I've never been a huge crackle fan, but I have to say I'm loving this!


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