Pure Ice Swatches!

Hey ladies I have some Pure Ice polishes to show! I really like this brand. Every time I go in Wal-Mart I have to stop and look at them and buy at least one just because of the price alone. Another reason is the colors are so pretty!

First up is Siren. A pretty common basic red creme. I say if you need a basic red this would be it. The formula is great and it is only take 2 coats.

I have had this color, but it was a very old one back when the tops were black and the bottle where matte! Now it is all yucky and has black lumps in it!

Strobe Light is a black crackle. First off there are like a cajillion black crackles and now I own 3! I like it, but I know many people have jumped off the crackle/shatter bandwagon a long time ago. However if you are still into the crackle effect and need a very cheap one that works perfect this is it!

Golden Ticket is a mix of mostly gold, silver and copper glitter. I love it! It is such a gorgeous gold. It is sheer, so you could layer it or wear it on its own. This 3 coats

Here is Strobe Light over Golden Ticket.

I like all of these. They are super affordable.Siren does stain some but it's not much a problem. Other than my favorite is Golden Ticket is such a pretty gold glitter. You can find these at Wal-Mart or go to their website Bari Cosmetics.

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  1. I love the red and gold glitter on their own. So pretty!!

  2. These are so pretty! I love Pure Ice and I love that they're affordable too!


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