Essie Mojito Madness and How I Connect the Dots!

Mojito Madness has really stolen my heart. I love the color green, and this is the green I have been DYING for! It is medium green creme. It does lean to yellow nor blue. It is perfect! My boyfriend even has a shirt that matches probably the main reason decided to get it for me.(Thank you babes (: )
This 2 coats.

Love it!!!!

Now to spice it up Idecided to replicate a look Connect the Dots.
I never will buy that polish for many reason, so I thought of a way I could create it myself!
I got this tape stripe idea from The Beauty Department (LOVE there mani ideas!)

What I did was cut stripes of the painted tape and make small bar like shapes and then added dots. Then to make them different I added the black and white to half my ring and pinkies nails.
I really love this look and it fulfilled my love for the "look" of CTD.

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  1. Lol love your 'Connect The Dots'!!

  2. Loving your "Connect The Dot"!

  3. I've been meaning to wear Mojito Madness. Looks great. But the Connect the Dots is just wow!

  4. What a beautiful look! I don't plan to ever get CtD, so this is a great idea I will definitely try to replicate. The black and white look amazing against the bright green of MM!


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