Zoya- Jem Swatches

Jem is a a gorgeous Jewel tone purple with gold shimmer. It looks as though it woulde be a duochrome in the bottle but on the nail the gold isn't that visible.
2 Coats

I actually wore this color a while back when I first got it, and as I was taking it off, I realized you could see the gold. So I tried it on another nail and you could totally see that it look just as beautiful as it does in the bottle! If you would want to show of the gold in this polish slightly go over Jem with some remover, but not too hard or there will be bald spots.

It's that just awesome! I love it like this even more!

I later put Chloe over it just to make it even prettier.

I love the little green flecks in this it just very pretty. I now want to see if this could work for more polish that show one thing in the bottle, but just doesn't translate on the nail. How are guys liking this mani?

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  1. beautiful! I just got both of those Zoyas and can't wait to try this layering combo! Iand your polish remover trick! What a great idea! I like it much better that way.

  2. Aahh...so pretty! I just got mine during the earth day exchange...I need to use it now!


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