A Lemming Conquered!! China Glaze- No Way Jose

OMG! You guys just can't believe how happy I am to own this!!! Ever since the first time I saw maybe in 2010 I wanted this polish so bad! I thought I would never be able to get, but recently someone found them on Ebay and I check them out and for NWJ it was pretty cheap so I went for it! It only took 3 days to get to me also!

There is also a pinker version, but I think this is the purple version.
No Way Jose is a lilac shimmer with (mostly)silver, pink, and blue tiny glass flecks it . I am in LOVE with how pretty this is!!!
This is 3 Coats

I knew I would love this! The finish on this reminds me of the Sinful Colors that showed awhile ago. I was think a purple would had been perfect for that collection so this is just making my life right now!
I am feel complete for now. (:

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  1. It is pretty, does it look like Essie's playdate,except with shimmer?

  2. Wow since 2010?? Lol I'm happy that you were able to get this! It's so pretty!

  3. I know how that is...glad you finally got a color you really wanted. It's very pretty too BTW!

  4. Yay! Did you find this polish from the link I posted in PAA? If so, glad I could help. Either way, it is really pretty!

    1. YEP! I am so beyond thankful! I love this polish way more than I thought I would!!!


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