Love & Beauty- Turquoise and Milani- Gold Layering/Gradient over Zoya- Zuza

Hey ladies!!! I am starting to get my back in shape. But its soooo hard. I use to be a size 7 now I'm a size 12!!!! WTF! I can't live with that so its been a lot of me on my Just Dance grind, trying to lose weight, and staying off my butt! So I did these awhile ago, but I so have to show off this combo to you guys!

I wanted to pair Love & Beauty-Turquoise with a base that was similar so I chose Zoya- Zuza.
Then I wanted some gold to add to make it even more bling so I added Milani- Gold.

     I did a gradient on my index, thumb, and pinkie nails.

I love this mani. It was sooo shiny and sparkly. I also love Zuza so much its not even funny. I could wear that color forever!

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  1. Very cute combo. I also love Zuza, she's so pretty and perfect.

  2. nice combo! ive got zuza coming in the mail and im sooooo impatient for it

  3. This is lovely!
    Yay, go you! I know you can get back into shape! <3

  4. Nice!
    PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog:


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