China Glaze Manhattan Cocktail Mani

Hey all! I did this mani for the China Glaze Manhattan Cocktail Mani Contest. Even though I didn't win I still love the concept and the colors I chose. The coctail mani is to paint 3 nails one color and the other seven another.

I only had 2 options to actually pick from, so I chose the China Glaze Cocktail - Purple Panic and Full Spectrum.

Right Hand 3 finger in Full Spectrum and 2 in Purple Panic. I love the combo!

Here's my left hand with Purple Panic. It's a super bright neon Pink shimmer. IDK why it's called Purple!!!

I so wish I could have won! But congratz to the girls that did!

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  2. This looks fun! I like yours! The colors really do look great together!


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