Zoya -Birchbox Blogger Collection Swatches

Hey all! I am so excited to show these babies! Soon as I heard of them I knew I had to have them!
The three colors were inspired by the winning color boards of three amazing bloggers.

First up is Coraline. It's a tangerine orange jelly.This is 4 coats
This was inspired by the gals from Eleventh Gorgeous 

Kate is a Coral jelly. It looks so juicy! I think this one is my favorite and it also remids me of grapefruits and watermelons! This is 4 coats. This was inspired by Kate from The Small Things Blog.


Lastly Belle is a pink with gold flecks of shimmer. This one it very pretty too. It is sheer and this took 4 Coats, but I went overboard on the middle finger I think!
Belle from Capitol Hill Style inspired this awesome color.

These colors are just right for this season. They do dry a bit slow so letting dry between coats is a must or you might in a up with think nails like I did! Overall I love them and can't wait to try some jelly sandwhich manis with them!

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  1. I like all of them, but Belle is my favorite. I kinda wish it appeared in their summer collection instead of Rory. I was tempted to order this whole set, but was put off by the jelly formula.

  2. These colors are gorgeous! So great for summer!

  3. i love those jellies! they look perfect for sandwiching (;


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