Hey ladies!!!! OMG I have been on a shopping rampage!!! I just cant help to spend so I have some more babies to add to the collection!

(Watermelon Rind, Smokes and Ashes, Blue Iguana, Flip Flop Fantasy

I got these from Walmart
(Rio, Tease and Sally Hansen- Be- Jeweled)

At Rite- Aid I was surprised to find Color Club collections like when did this happen!
I picked up two Color Club polishes from the Summer Collection
(Fly with Me, Metamorphosis)

To my surprise Metamorphosis is a dupe to NOPI- Iceberg Lotus! Fly with Me is close to Zoya Apple, but Apple is has more blue in it. So Metamorphosis would be a nice gift for someone!(HINT, HINT!)

I also found Revlon- Whimsical!!!! It was the only one on the shelf!

Also something else I was super excited about is these Kleancolors I got on Amazon I have been wanting these for awhile!
(Chunky Holo Fuchsia, Purple, and Black)

and lastly Zoya Birchbox Blogger Collection!!! I had to have these!
(Belle, Coraline, Kate)

I have to say this is one of my favorite hauls since I got a lot of things I didn't expect to find! 
What polishes have you found lately?

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  1. Holo Bluebell you are gonna absolutely love! Whimsical is AWESOME! And I also picked up the EXACT same Colr Club colors a couple of days ago. Great haul!

  2. Amazing haul! Can't wait to see those Kleancolors!

  3. Omg! This IS and awesome haul! I love everything you got!

  4. Great haul! I wish I had a Rite Aid in town...I want the Color Clubs. Could you do a comparison of Metamorphosis and Iceberg Lotus on a nail wheel? I have Iceberg Lotus so I'll be glad to cross one of the CCs off my wishlist.

    1. Just googled and I found a comparison. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. What a great Haul...I want those KleanKolors! :)

  6. hi I just found ur blog, ur designs are amazing! I am now a follower!!really love the designs Iv seen so far!


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