Zoya- Surf Collection Swatches

Hey all how are you guys weekend?  I am chillaxing today nothing much to do, but I have the Surf Collection to show you guys! These are all shimmers and foils.

First is Carly is a deep purple foil with fuchsia shimmer.
2 Coats

Kimber is a warm tone hot pink with gold shimmer. 2 Coats

Myrta is a medium orange foil shimmer. This is 2 Coats

Meg is an yellow green foil shimmer. I love this one. I thought I wouldn't but I love how the foil-y it looks!
2 Coats

Rory is light pink, lilac foil. It is really cute. 2 Coats


Zuza is an aqua, teal shimmer. It is gorgeous. I love how it just makes you think of the sea. I really wanna go swimming now! 2 Coats.

I must say I love all of these! Some more than others, but they all speaks to me. They really represent fun summers at the beach and Zuza screams the ocean waves! The formulas on all were really good and they are really opaque.
My top 3 would be Zuza, Meg, and Carly they are just way too gorgeous.
What are you guys favorites of this collection?

Now that this done comparisons of both the Beach and Surf collection are coming so stick around!

(These were sent for review)

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