Orange Ombre!

Since Tangerine is the color trend of this year I thought it would be awesome to do an ombre mani! I am loving orange more and more and I am realizing that I actually have more than I thought.
Here's my ombre.

Thumb: Finger Paints- Original Orange
Index: Sally Hansen- Sunkissed
Middle: Zoya- Arizona
Ring: Wet n Wild- Sunny Side Up
Pinkie: Santee- Neon Orange

I really love the ombre look. I also need more orange colors! New Orange fan here!

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  1. I don't own any oranges, well maybe one, this looks really good on you!!

  2. I only own 2 oranges.
    They look really good on you. My favorite shade is the one on your pinkie finger.

  3. Gorgeous ombre! Orange is such a fun color!


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