Zoya Adina with Konad plate m57

Hey ladies! I finally got around to wear one of my favorite Zoya polishes! Adina is a gorgeous purple that duochromes to green. I really love this it is one of the awesome-est duochromes ever.
3 Coats

 I used the Konad Plate M57the fishnet design and the flowers. I have been wanting this plate for like ever!

I love the design and how it came out. I can't wait to use the plate even more!

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  1. This shade looks very good on you, much better than on me :)

  2. Totally agree with this being one of the most intense duochromes :) You captured it so well!!!

  3. im not a fan of duochromes but the stamp you used over it looks really nice

  4. This polish is gorgeous! Yay for that konad plate! It's one of my faves!


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