Zoya- Beach Collection Swatches

Hey all! I have the Zoya Beach Collection to show you guys! I have been so excited to see what Zoya had come up with for their summer collection. The previews were awesome and now looking at these polishes in real life I must say they are gorgeous now let's see how awesome the swatches are shall we?!

First up is Shelby. It is a light, cool toned pink creme. It was pretty sheer and streaky. not usually what I'd expect from Zoya. This was actually 4 coats. I thought 3 was okay until I saw it was still streaky and sheer maybe it's just mine IDK!

Arizona is a vibrant orange creme. I love this! I don't own to many orange cremes so I welcome Arizona with open arms. This was 3 Coats.

Reagan is a deep pink creme. It is very pigmented being only 2 coats and it applied so smooth. I also have nothing like this so this one is pretty special to me too.

Lara is a medium pink creme. It is a like lighter version of Reagan. This was 3 Coats

Tracie is a ligtht green with silver frosted pearl shimmer.  This was 2 Coats

Wednesday is a soft aqua creme. I LOVE WEDNESDAY! This is just beautiful. It is so perfect. It was really smooth and only needed 2 Coats.

I am pretty thrilled with all of the colors. My faves were Wednesday, Arizona, and Reagan.Tracie is very original, but I was kinda hoping it would've been a creme. I think Shelby and Lara are pretty, but easily dupable. Overall I really like this collection, and can't wait to wear them. I already have ideas for Wednesday.

What are you guys favorites?

(These were sent for review)

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  1. oh, your lucky! I have been wanting to get this collection. All the colors look pretty. except Tracie. I don't like light lime green colors.

  2. I love them all. Great colors

  3. I think I need Wednesday...now :)

  4. Lovely collection! I really like Arizona :)


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