Deborah Lippmann- Mirrored Chrome Lacquer: Swagga Like Us

Hey ladies I have been dying over this awesome polish since I first seen it. I finally bought it even though my wallet cringed the thought, but it was well worth it!

Swagga Like Us is a warm gold foil that duchromes to teal green. 
This was 3 Coats.

I then did some Tribal Nail art by know you I love it lol! Then the nails in between I taped them off to make the triangle shapes.

Love em! I know there are similar shades to this but I must say this was well worth 18 bucks. I never thought I really would payout that much for one polish but it didn't hurt so bad. Thinking about more high end polishes now especially since butter London is in Nordstroms now!
Can't wait to go on my next shopping spree soon!

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  1. I love the color but not the price tag! Tribal art looks nice with this color.

  2. Ooh I couldn't wait to see the swatch of this! It's gorgeous! I love the tribal print you did on them!! Looks amazing! :D

  3. Looks close to Peridot, tribals are amazing ^^

  4. if i could do tribalt nail art as well as you id probably do it more often


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