Mattese Elite- Carnival Swatches

Hey ladies. Today is an awesome special day. My Mommie birtday is today!!!! She turned the big 5-0 and still looks like she's 40 years young. Happy B-DAY Mommie!!! Love you!

I also have swatches of two shades of the Mattese Elite Carnival Collection! This collection is full of bright, colorful neons.

First up is Passistas. It is a vibrant, electric purple. It is gorgeously bright and it is a jelly. Application was a breeze and it also doesn't dry matte like most neons. This is 3 coats.

Desfiles De Samba is a bright teal green neon jelly. I loved this the most and hated it also get back to that soon. It is 3 coats

Now I know you might had been wondering "Why the hell is the green one in a Sally Hansen bottle?????" The  the tragic answer is Desfiles De Samba actually broke in the box sent to me. );
You see the bubble wrap? That is how it was in the box the polishes were not wrap they were just thrown into that bag and put into a huge ass box for only two polishes. Like I mean like how the Zoya boxes are and if you shook the box you could hear it pinging- ponging around! Just a sad, sad mess.
I was literally scraping it into my empty bottle with the brush hoping it would work. I don't think I'll ever go through that trouble anymore. Now I don't know how they are normally sent but I hope this is not how they usually do it.
Other than the fact that this one broke (I still will get a new one soon I really love that damn color!) I think these are really great. If you love neons this collection is to die for I can't wait till the summer weather comes and these will get a lot of uses from me! 

These are now available at Ricky's NYC
Check out there website to order some now!

(These were sent for review.)

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  1. Both look amazing! Ugh, but it's so sad about the packaging!! I'm surprised you got enough to paint your nails with! :(

    1. It was still really wet so it had must've just broken and was pretty easy to scrape up. But it was a MESS!!!

  2. You've suckered me in with these neons!

  3. I have and Love Desfiles de Samba. I have one other color. I must buy the rest of them soon especially the Blurple color. Love them.


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