Zoya- Diva Collection Swatches

Here is the Diva collection. It is filled with rich, vibrant, shimmer! If you haven't seen these yet you need to look now!

First up is Elisa. A fiery red shimmer. It is really pretty and in the sun it's even more shimmery!
This is 2 coats.

Ray. OMG!!! Hated it. It is a deep blackened green It is really frosty, so if you're not a frost gal don't even look this way. For other reasons why I don't like this is its name and association to this color. Ray and Green!!? Why Zoya? Why? If any of you dont get it My favorite basketball team are the Celtics(Green colors) and recently one of our playeres where traded to my most hated team(the Heat ughh!!!) and guest what his name is?.....Ray Allen!!! Coincidence I think not! lol This 2 Coats

Next is Suri. It is shimmery purple. I like this but I swear I may have a dupe or something very similar to it. This 2 coats.

Song is a medium blue with blue micro glitter int it. OMG I LOVE! THIS! I wore this out to dinner soon as I got it and only had 1 Coat of it!!

Daul is a purple foil shimmer with gold shimmer. It is very similar to Faye, but I think it is dupes to Orly's Oui and OPI- It's My Year. Either way I love this. If you own the OPI one or the Orly one you may not need this.
This was 3 Coats.

Now for the standout of all standouts . My grand favorite is FeiFei! It is so complexed. It is foil blue shimmer with a zillion other different colors. This was 3 Coats. I had to take more pics of this one. It's just to pretty!!!

I really liked this collection I do think I liked the designer better. I really loved FeiFei and Song. They were the standout shades. The only one I don't like is Ray and you know why but this was a very good collection all the shades were really easy to apply and dried fairy quick. Hope you guys like these and get them for yourselves. Which were your faves of this collection?

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  1. I love them all! I have been good and only gotten Daul, but I want several others.


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