Sation-Class of Sation Swatches

Hey all. I have been chilling and loving my summer so sad that's going to be ending soon but before summers is completely out the door I have these awesome Sations to show you guys.

The Class of Sation is a Limited Edition collection of 24 shades. I was lucky to get these six to show you guys so lets get to it!

First is Band Beauty. It's a multicolored glitter. It has small gold, pink, green, silver and blue glitter. Then on top of that there are some silver,gold, and blue holographic large hex glitters. The sparkles are awesome.
This 3 Coats

Next is Princess Pyramid. At first it looked as if this and Band Beauty were way too similar, but this is a lot different. Its has a clear base. In it are small gold glitter, medium hex glitters that are iridescent and black, large hex glitters that are blue and red, and then on top of that there are red(holo) blue, gold, and green bar glitter! Wheeewww! That's a lot of glitter....Love it!

I layered 2 Coats over Sation- Ring Around the Horsie

Next is Loudest Color. It is super gorgeously loud. It's a super highlighter lime neon.
I did have some difficulties I get heavy on the coats so let dry in between.
This 4 coats.

Class Clown is my fave of the bunch!It is a lime jelly with holographic glitter, and large blue and red hex glitter.
I layer 2 Coats over Loudest Color. Such a awesome combo!

Jock Juggler is a Tiffany's blue. It is similar to ChG- For Audrey, but its has a bit more blue in it. It also have slightly noticeable blue shimmer in it. 
This 3 Coats

And lastly is Most Huenique! I love this name. . It is a blue based jelly with holographic, blue and purple hex, and bar glitters all in it! I layered over Jock Juggler.

I loved these so much! The glitters are super unique! They can get a bit thick, but these are fun summery colors. The Class of Sation Collection is $5 on the website Miss Pro. So sad that Summer is going bye bye. ): Can't wait til it comes back next year, but I'll be rocking these til it's to pull out those fall shades.

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  1. Most Huenique is definitely my favorite! I just ordered a couple from this collection off of transdesign!

  2. These are all so lovely! Those glitters look amazing :D

  3. Gorgeous swatches!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Sation!!!!!!


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