Zoya- Designer Collection Swatches

Hey all! Fall is definitely around the corner. The leaves are falling the air is breezier and I am surprisingly loving it. Zoya newest collection is all about the Fall deep colors. The Designer Collection are all pigmented creme fall shades that everyone needs to have in there life!

First up is Rehka. It was one of the custom shades from Bibhu Mohapatra's collection for the 2012 Fall fashion show.  It is a true, cool tone red. It's more jelly than a creme finish. I do love this red, and I love how smooth it glided on. Then on top of that it almost was a one coater for me. This is 2 coats.

Monica is one of my favorite hands down from this collection. It's a dark purple creme. It is so gorgeous. I love Zoya purples. The just keep growing in my collection. This was 2 Coats

Natty is a dusty slate blue creme. I can't help but say I love this one too! This 2 Coats

Now for Evvie; finally we meet! I fell in LOVE with this soon as I saw it months ago when it came out in Peter Som's Collection. I needed this color so bad. So I'm grateful to have this now. It is a dusty pine green creme. Another fave of mine. This was 2 Coats.

Toni is a maroon red. It isn't my favorite, but I do like it since I don't have many colors like it This is 2 coats.

Lastly is Noot. Much to my wonder before to whom name is Bevin I wonder even more who name is Noot but hey...... whateves.....ANYWHO! I really like this one too. It's a dark, smokey dark green. This 2 Coats

Like I stated before you all need these. I love that they are simple cremes, but are very bold colors.
They all were easy to apply and dried pretty fast. All of these are pretty much needed to your collection if you don't have something similar. Overall these are totally perfect. Stick around for the Diva and Gloss Collections!

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